Friday, July 4, 2008

New Living Room Fun

Now that the girls (especially Elena) are a lot more mobile than they used to be, they seem to have different interests during playtime in the living room. A new favorite activity is pulling books from various locations (exhibit A):

Did you notice which book the girls had picked up in the previous picture? A knitting book! And budding knitters they both are - we call them our little kittens because they like to play with Christina's yarn all the time. Kittens or knitters, time will tell.

Because of the increased mobility, certain safety measures have been put in place. Here we have the new and improved baby fun zone - Elena likes using the sides as places to experiment with standing, and even Clara has started getting in on that. Mostly, they crawl around inside and we have a minute to get them food, get ourselves dressed, etc.

Don't feel bad for them - they love it in here!

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Jeff & Melissa said...

We love the "Baby Fun Zone". We may have to steal the idea for calynn.