Saturday, July 19, 2008

Grandma's Here!

Grandma (Christina's mom) is in town for two weeks, and we are all having a fantastic time. The girls adore having Grandma to play with and read with and to help feed them, and Grandma is getting her share of smiles, hugs, and love. Clara especially has a bond with her Grandma - when she sees her she breaks out in a huge grin and waves her arms and legs.

We've been doing lots in town together (going to the Farmer's Market, having picnic lunches, shopping, playing in the park) but often we aren't bringing the camera out. We'll do better - but here are some shots from our trip to the carousel.

The girls are loving the carousel more every time we go. They stretch out their arms, say "Oh, oh, oh!" and smile huge smiles as soon as the ponies are in sight. They know just how to keep us going back again and again!
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