Sunday, July 27, 2008

Take Us Out to the Ballgame

Today the girls napped later in the day, so we chanced a trip to the baseball game in the early evening. They were wiped out by the end of the fourth inning, but we were pretty happy to get to go at all, and to make it even halfway. Clara and Elena had their first taste of hotdogs (just tiny pieces) and they really seemed to love the action of the game. The music, games, and nice people behind us didn't hurt, either.

Christina and Elena study the finer points of the game:

While Clara has fun fishing for ice chips while keeping one eye on the action:

When Clara caught sight of the big feathered bird who is our mascot, she alternated between beaming and making her "ooh, ooh, ooh" sound and face:

She enjoyed looking at the mascot so much we decided to take her over to meet him.

Up close, he was a little too scary, and she had to burrow into Steve to avoid contact with him. Elena, on the other hand, thought he was much more exciting up close and kept trying to pull his feathers.

We bought the girls each a new baseball cap to celebrate their first game. Clara actually loves hers, right now Elena barely tolerates it.

The look so alike, squinting away from the sun. It's the most identical looking we've seen them since Elena started getting bigger and Clara started getting more teeth!

Here's one last silly shot, where we wanted to get all four of us in a picture but were trying to take the photo ourselves:

Hooray for Baseball! The jerseys they are wearing here are courtesy of Uncle Phil and Aunt Owetta. The Diamondbacks are the team back where most of Steve's family lives (in Phoenix) and where Steve and Christina met. Ah...Diamond Dogs. :)

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