Sunday, July 20, 2008

Pool Party (kind of)

I'm not sure you could exactly call it a party, but the girls did have their first experience with a pool today. Christina bought an inflatable frog pool over the winter, and today she blew it up with all her hot air (yes, we all knew she had enough in her) and she, Grandma, and the girls took to the pool.

We didn't want to scare the girls, so we didn't put the top of the frog on, and left it just a green bottom. Even so, the girls were a bit wary:

Elena was ready to splash from the side, but it took a bit longer for Clara to want to get in on the action.

Elena graduated soon to stepping in the pool, but she hated sitting down and so mostly stayed in a position like this:

Clara did end up finding her own path to fun in the pool. She would hold a shovel in each hand, arch herself back in Grandma's arms, and stare up into the trees.


Two more shots from the day - a funny face Clara in polka dots:
And a splashy Elena:

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