Friday, July 4, 2008

Farm Days

A new addition to our lives this week made the farm lots more fun - a big package arrived from Grandpa and Grandma Mary, and inside was a new red wagon!

Both girls are in love with this wagon - they sit so sturdily in it (and there are safety belts that help assure that this is the case even over bumps) and when it is stationary they have so much fun climbing and exploring in it. This was a really wonderful gift.

So at the farm this week, it enabled the girls to get a great view of the pigs that live at the farm where we get our CSA share. Last year there were three big pigs, this year there is one big pig and eight piglets. We're glad we don't have to explain that one yet to the girls.

You can also see from these pictures that the girls have new bonnets. These are the best hats yet for staying on their heads, and they complete their prairie-girl looks. Christina made some but they were WAY too big, so we bought these at the People's Market downtown.

But don't get the wrong idea - they don't like these on their heads more than any others that we've found - they still work hard to have free heads.

This week the girls were able to try the carrots we got at the farm, and tomorrow we're going to give them the peas from the farm, too. It's fun to share this as a family this year - last year when we were going to the farm these girls were far to young for food. It's hard to believe it, but this is Clara and Elena at the farm last year!

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