Thursday, July 10, 2008

Wisconsin Wedding Part Two (or Our New Favorite Photos)

A very talented photographer named Matt was taking pictures at the wedding we went to in Wisconsin, and he captured on film a moment we were sharing with the girls out on the hillside. We adore these pictures - that happiness is what we feel almost all of the time, and even though this was just an average moment of playing with the girls, these pictures elevate it to a memory we won't forget, even when Elena and Clara get to be "big girls."

Photos soon to come of the TEETH that have entered our family! Clara started about a week ago, and has her two middle bottom teeth and is just about done getting another tooth on the bottom. Elena just started this week getting one of her middle bottom teeth, and another bottom tooth to the side. They are having a hard time getting these teeth, but we know they are handling it the best they can. In fact, all that teething covered up the fact that little Elena actually also has an ear infection (just like her cousin Grace out in Virginia!) that we only discovered today. Poor girls - growing up is hard!

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Em, Jared, Cor and Soph said...

You can see the joy on all of your faces! I was just telling someone today a little about your story. I still get chills thinking about how incredible it all is. We love and miss you all!