Thursday, August 30, 2007

Growing Girls

We had our second pediatrician appointment today on the girls one week birthday. They came through with flying colors - great lungs, strong hearts, excellent growth, and appropriate alertness.

The big news is that the girls are finally gaining their weight back! Here are the vital stats:

Starting weight: 4 pounds 15 ounces
Lowest weight: 4 pounds 7 ounces
Current weight: 4 pounds 10 ounces

Starting weight: 5 pounds 5 ounces
Lowest weight: 4 pounds 10 ounces
Current weight: 4 pounds 15.5 ounces (oh, so close to 5 pounds!)

Although these changes might seem minor, in the life of a preemie even small gains or losses are important indicators of how they're doing. We're all relieved that these girls are getting themselves back up to fine, fighting form.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The first baths!

We got brave and gave the girls their first real baths today. Sponge baths are good, but formula tends to sneak down their little necks, and we figured they were due for a real bath to be fresh for their one week birthday tomorrow!

Elena led the way, and wasn't sure what to make of her first plunge into the water.

She's always liked when we give her warm sponge baths, so we thought she might like this. She didn't scream, which we took to be a good sign, but she did make some really funny faces, and she squirmed a lot.

She DID love being snuggled into a warm hooded towel - doesn't she just look like a little duckling?

Then she got tucked into a sleep sack. Like everything else in the world, it's too big for her, but she seemed to really like being able to kick around in it.

Then Clara woke up and got in on the action. She actually took to the bath even better then Elena did.

She seemed to be okay with hanging out in the water; I think this is largely due to the blue bathing thing our friend Diane gave us; it really is so comfy even for a newborn, but it lets them stay warm without being totally submerged.

A little Clara duckling - they are so darling and innocent when they snuggle up like this.

And then Clara pops into a sleep sack too - she fits a little better, being a little bigger. This one is from our friends Beth and Bob, who are currently waiting on their little one to find them through the miracle of adoption.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Our first days together

Here are some quick shots of our first days together - they are low on description, but really, what can we say about these amazing little girls? It's all right here.

Clara on the left, Elena on the right, resting in our hospital room on their second day of life.

Clara, eyes open, wondering if so much is going to go on in her life EVERYDAY. We told her being born was one of life's major stressors, and there are only a few more ahead of her.

Elena, on the other hand, decided that the day was best handled by sleeping off her fatigue and confusion.

We left the hospital in Miles City, MT at about 3pm, and began our journey across the state. About ten hours later, we were home in Missoula (after having stopped everywhere from a picturesque mountainside to a Taco Bell parking lot to feed the girls every two hours). Here the girls settle right in to their bassinet.

This is how the girls often sleep - facing one another, cuddled together.

Here's a shot of the girls at their most jaundiced - they never got too bad, and didn't have to go under special lights or blankets or anything. The pediatrician says they are now out of the woods, jaundice-wise, so this is as yellow as we'll ever see them.

Here's Clara, having a big stretch. Although everyone loves to put these girls in pink, doesn't it look like Clara finds it easy being green?

Here, Elena is puzzling over our lack of clothes that truly fit her. With hands way back in her sleeves and her legs swimming in her pants, she seems to be wondering why the world doesn't want to make clothes for truly little people.

Christina's first new mom moment...the girls were brought to the nursery right after delivery and Christina got to hold Clara almost right away.

Steve's beam says it for all of us - we couldn't be happier to be a brand new family all together!