Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The first baths!

We got brave and gave the girls their first real baths today. Sponge baths are good, but formula tends to sneak down their little necks, and we figured they were due for a real bath to be fresh for their one week birthday tomorrow!

Elena led the way, and wasn't sure what to make of her first plunge into the water.

She's always liked when we give her warm sponge baths, so we thought she might like this. She didn't scream, which we took to be a good sign, but she did make some really funny faces, and she squirmed a lot.

She DID love being snuggled into a warm hooded towel - doesn't she just look like a little duckling?

Then she got tucked into a sleep sack. Like everything else in the world, it's too big for her, but she seemed to really like being able to kick around in it.

Then Clara woke up and got in on the action. She actually took to the bath even better then Elena did.

She seemed to be okay with hanging out in the water; I think this is largely due to the blue bathing thing our friend Diane gave us; it really is so comfy even for a newborn, but it lets them stay warm without being totally submerged.

A little Clara duckling - they are so darling and innocent when they snuggle up like this.

And then Clara pops into a sleep sack too - she fits a little better, being a little bigger. This one is from our friends Beth and Bob, who are currently waiting on their little one to find them through the miracle of adoption.


JLH said...

You're a natural already! Thanks for the call and I send you so many well wishes that you won't know what to do with them all!


M.C. said...

They are so gorgeous! I'm so thrilled for you all!!

Mary Claire