Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy Fourth of July, everyone! Elena and Clara don't stay up late enough to see fireworks, but we did take them to have a picnic at the park today. Their outfits today are from Grandma Leanne, and they got lots of compliments on them.

It's hard to get good pictures with these girls - whenver Christina or Steve tries to pose with them, they turn TOWARDS the one of us trying to get our picture taken. Not ideal! This is the best we got today from our posed attempt.

And here's the best one from our non-posed attempts. So much fun!

Friends passed on some sunglasses to the girls this week - Clara just pulls them off, but Elena seems to love posing, taking them off, and then putting them on again.

At the end of our picnic, we took some time out for swinging. They have SO much fun, but it's too sunny to stay out for long so we've got to find ourselves a park with some shade.

We hope you had a wonderful Independence Day.

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Stacy said...

Just wanted to drop by and say won my PIF Contest! :) Shoot me an email at stacyamaher at gmail dot com. I did some looking at your blog, and have a small idea as to what your fun package will entail..CONGRATS! I look forward to hearing from you!!