Saturday, July 19, 2008

The Children's Museum

We remembered to bring cameras to the children's museum today, so here's a glimpse into the fun that Clara and Elena get up to when we take a trip there.

The theme of the museum at the moment appears to be water - water evaporation, water flow, etc. At one of the little fountains, Clara gave Grandma a lesson in the way water separates to move past a stationary object (a foot!).

Clara is exhibiting her new crawl here - she has mostly a foot-propelled army-crawl kind of thing going on, but as you can see here she's starting to get her knees into it. Now what does this pretty ball do?

Oh, aha! Grandmas know everything.

Grandma shows Clara her reflection, and Clara claps at the mirror doing such a good job reflecting such a lovely face.

Elena decided to see if the stairs at the museum work like the stairs at home.

They do! She can climb these, too.

Not only can she climb them, she just about wants to climb the rails, too! Look at those tippy toes!

Who's that beautiful girl who also made it to the top of the stairs?

Elena patiently waits to see if Clara can master these stairs.

It was some tough going, so Grandma helped Clara just a little bit.

Here's a picture of a happy trio at the museum (Christina was happy behind the camera, too).

When we got home, Elena still had stair-fever, so Grandma helped her learn how to go down them safely (on her bottom).

What a fun day! But we were all worn out, so early bedtimes for all.

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