Friday, July 25, 2008

New Experiences

It's something of a tradition to have your picture taken with this statue of a bear in town; today the girls did it for the first time with Christina, Steve, and their grandma. A kind passer-by took the shot; we won't blame them for cutting the bear's head off.

This afternoon we took the girls to a friends' house for a pizza party. Usually, they just have pieces torn off of our pizza. Tonight, they found a little friend who left his pizza on a plate on the ground, and they were in heaven.

Here's Clara:
And Elena (she was loving this; I think the look here is one where she thinks I'm going to take the pizza away from her).

Aside from the pizza, some big excitement at this party was the toys. There was a walker that the girls took turns on (Elena exhibits here):

And most notably, there was also a little tricycle. It's the kind you walk forward instead of pedal, but still, we had no idea that the girls could do it. We only got video of them mostly standing on it (with a little movement) but at one point both of the girls just propelled themselves right across the room on this! We were so impressed.

Here's some video - please excuse the people running around and the loud voices - it was definitely a party!

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