Sunday, July 13, 2008


Clara's and Elena's appetites are really growing - they eat much more food with us than they ever have before and we're having a great time introducing them to new tastes. Today, Steve introduced raspberries, and that was a real winner with the girls. Here are some shots (you may also notice peas, cornbread, and fig newton on the trays; other elements of their Sunday dinner!).

Elena gives the raspberry a try:
And wow! Does life get more delicious?
Clara gives it a go as well:

Smart girl that she is, she uses one hand to put the berries in her mouth, and the other to hold her "reserve" berries, in case we decide to stop supplying her with this new delicacy.

We've been signing some basic words at home for a few months now. Sometimes the girls do the traditional sign for "more," but Clara has come up with what we believe is her own sign - she lifts her hand in the air, lets her wrist really act like a hinge, and waves her fingers back and forth. It's like she's in the water and is pulling something toward her. It's hard to get a good shot of that, but she was sure doing that to try to get more raspberries!

Two bonus shots of fun mealtimes in our home:

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