Saturday, June 28, 2008

Flashback, Flashforward

Today in the car, for the first time, we heard Clara and Elena giggling together in the back seat. First one would giggle, then the other, and then there would be outright laughter together. We couldn't tell what was so funny; the carseats are still rear-facing and we can't really see them from the front seats. When we parked the car they were still doing it, so we peeked over their carseats and saw that Clara would poke her head around the side of her carseat, and giggle, and then Elena would do the same, and when they both saw each other they would just laugh and laugh.

It was beautiful.

Everyone keeps saying how lucky they are to be twins, and how they will always be best friends. But they are pretty independent girls, and don't often play with each other. Seeing them interact like this makes us look back and see how far they've come from being tiny creatures who could barely see eachother (see flashback photo above!) and makes us look ahead to the kind of enjoyment that we hope the keep getting from one another in the future.
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Whimsy said...

Your girls are absolutely adorable.

CP said...

Your post totally made me smile- gorgeous girls!

Tahnks for stopping by at 3giraffes. Come back and visit soon....