Wednesday, June 25, 2008

New Tricks

As the girls arrived at the ten month mark this week, they've learned some new tricks and figured out some new fun. First up, this summer has marked their first ride on a carousel, and they both adore it. In this picture, they aren't even interested in looking at Christina holding the camera, and instead want to stare at the horses:

They seem to like the feel of the wind in their hair (or faces).

We don't have a picture to go with this news, but Clara's first tooth is almost poked through her gum now. We have been thinking they were teething for months, and finally we see some sign. We'll get a picture as soon as she allows (she likes to stick her tongue out instead of having her gums photographed).

Now, in very-photographed big news, guess what Elena did today?

We were playing in the kitchen, and she crawled over to the stairs. She put her hands on the bottom step, and pushed up:
Here, for all we can tell, she is saying: "Are you ready Mom? Watch this!"

And then she went and did this:
ALL THE WAY UP THE STAIRS! And quickly, too, like she was in some kind of baby stair stepping training. She was so thrilled with herself - she'd say "Ah!" at each new step. Doesn't she look so proud?
Watch out, world. Time to fence the babies in.

Elena got a little bit more play here with her easily-photographed accomplishment, so here is a bonus Clara picture from a picnic we had with friends today. Who needs help with a bottle? Okay, Clara technically still does, but she likes to hold it by herself and gum on it (and with the tooth coming in, who can blame her?
For any crafty folks out there, if you're liking the dresses the girls are sporting in several of these pictures, they are from a super easy FREE pattern from a crafty woman named Rae, and can be found by clicking here.

Christina was able to finish two of them (with some alterations to make it a little bigger than the pattern for itty bitty infants) in just a night, and not because she's speedy, either. If you feel like sewing a little something, this is a great pattern to play with.

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