Sunday, June 22, 2008

Wisconsin Wedding

So, we mentioned that we went to Wisconsin to see our good friends Jennifer and Karl married. Some of you have heard that while we were there, there was an amazing amount of rain and flooding, and the spots we were staying in were declared disaster areas. For us, the inconvenience was really difficult, but temporary. For Jen and Karl, it was more impactful, but they handled it beautifully. The people whose homes and vehicles were lost in the flooding are still on our minds, and we hope they are coping well.

As a result of the flooding, the furthest we could get most days was the truck stop across the street. The girls loved it, because here we introduced them to saltines - an instant favorite.

Jen and Karl moved their wedding to Jen's parents' house, which was close enough to our hotel that we could find a way to it. Here are the girls in their dresses for the rehearsal dinner (sadly, we have no pictures of them in their wedding finery!).

Here we are as a family up on the gorgeous spot where Jen's parents live:

And here are Jen and Karl the next day, getting married in an absolutely beautiful ceremony:

Luckily, this area was way up on a hill. Usually, the hill overlooks farmlands. On the weekend we were there, this was the view instead:

Jen, Karl, and their daughter Abby got all the kids presents. Here Clara and Elena look in wonder at some new toys and animal crackers ( a new treat).

When we got back from the wedding, we were lucky enough to have Steve's extended family in town, as we posted earlier. Here are two bonus shots from that time:

The family having a lovely June picnic:

Two girls sleeping away after said lovely picnic:

What a fun summer these girls are having.
Next up - a visit from Grandma (Christina's mom) in July!

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