Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Silly Summertime

Clara is giving a little bit of a wave here, with an odd mohawk-type thing happening with her hair. Lately her hair has been starting to fluff, wave, and curl (Elena's remains straight) and so we're always interested to see what kind of hairstyle Clara will be sporting for the day. She has been waving for a while now (her Nana Rose taught her how at Easter) but both she and Elena need some work on the social aspect of the wave. They look at people, stone-faced, and lift their arm toward them. Here, Clara is showing a little smile as she waves:

Elena was smiling a lot while we were outside yesterday; she seems happy to be outside. We went to a park with sprinklers the other day, and Elena was especially happy to have her feet stuck in the spray, and to stand in the puddles (Clara didn't mind it either, but wasn't quite as excited as Elena).

While Christina was at work today, Steve got these shots of the girls - look at these silly monkeys! They move too fast lately to be in focus a lot of the time, but the picture was too cute not to share. They are so charmed by their own new tricks. Clara stands sometimes when we put her near something; Elena can pull herself to standing and cruise between objects.

And an in-focus shot where Clara is clearly a little shocked at her standing abilities!

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