Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Soakin' up the summertime

We're gearing up for our last few weeks of summer here in Missoula, and enjoying time together and with friends.  Tonight, while Christina and Steve were making dinner Clara and Elena did their own face paint.  Check them out!
 Elena was quite good at getting even her eyelids!
 She said she was a cat, and requested I take a picture of her in this position.  She even drew on a collar and "nametag" for herself!

 This was Clara's pose of choice.  We were especially impressed at how she got two perfect circles around her eyes (not that you can see them when she squinches up like this!  Oh, as an aside, Clara has a new imaginary friend named Mr. Pinchy Skinchy, and I'm afraid if I forget to write about him here we'll forget about him.  He often gets into trouble with Elena's imaginary friend, Doodah.)
 We had fun last weekend going to our friend Annie's fourth birthday party - it was a beautiful garden party.

Hope you're having a good tail end of summer, too!

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