Tuesday, August 16, 2011

San Francisco Day 1

Aunt Cyndie and Uncle Russell were sweet enough to join us early the day after their wedding to show us some fun spots around California.  First, they took us to their favorite breakfast place in Petaluma.
Uncle Russell defended himself valiantly while fencing with the table numbers.
Then, we followed them over the Golden Gate Bridge.  Christina and Steve loved it!  
Clara slept through it.
Elena watched Curious George through it, no matter how much we tried to pull her into the moment with us.
Then we went together with Grandma Elaine and Aunt Melissa to the Japanese Gardens in Golden Gate park.

Such goofy picture taking!
Ah, much nicer!
Then we headed off to have some dim sum.  There was much conferring on what we should order.

Apparently all that conferring ended up with us ordering WAY too much food!  But it was delicious.
After a stop at the Russian bakery for meringues, and a lovely walk around San Francisco, we parted ways with the rest of the family - that visit was far too short! 

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