Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Portland Triathlon

Steve competed in his fourth triathlon last weekend, which was our reason for the Portland trip.  It was held on the Willamette river and nearby parts of Portland, and when we got into town he took the girls down to check out the course and test it with him before the big day.

The morning of his race the girls donned their triathlon support team shirts, got their cowbells, and headed out to the water to watch him swim.
They made lots of friends on race day, especially several dogs!  Here they are with one that they sat with during the swim portion of the race.
And here's Dad, coming out of the water and taking off his wet suit as he runs to the transition area.
Moments later, he's heading out on his bike portion...
...and just like that, looking so chipper, he's back again!  We actually had kind of a tough wait during this part of the race - it's the longest part, it was hot, there wasn't any shade, and to pass the time the girls walked several dogs and took pictures mostly of people's bums (because that is their eye level).  We will refrain from posting those here.
Finally, Steve sets out on his run.
And here he is heading for the finish line!
Time to savor the moment with his two biggest fans.

And he even let them snuggle up in his race shirt (thankfully, not the one he ran in, which as the girls will tell you, is "so shweaty!"

Here's to our triathlete!

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