Wednesday, August 24, 2011

We love Oregon

As a family, our favorite state has got to be Oregon.  We love Montana, we have great affinity for California and New York and Arizona and Massachusetts, but we are passionate about western Oregon.  After Steve's triathlon in Portland, we got to have a bit of fun out there.
We went to some of the requisite downtown places in Portland, like the Pearl District (with a fantastic dinner at Oba and another at Habibi), and also Voodoo Donuts and Stumptown Coffee.
Voodoo Donuts is really funny to see - and this is the right age to take the girls, because some of their donut names (not to mention combinations!) are a little out there once they can pick up on innuendo (and outright hilarity).

On both our way into Portland and our way out we stopped at Hood River - we brought out our donut leftovers to Doppio, a wonderful coffeeshop.

We traveled a bit along the Fruit Loop and stopped at our very favorite farm:

We swung on swings, visited pigs and goats, ate drippy yummy peaches, and brought home a huge boxful of those and some blueberries.

We also visited the White House flower farm - we were saying how we wanted to have one of the girl's weddings there, and asked Elena if she'd like that.  When she said no, we foisted our plan on the sleeping-at-the-time Clara, so we'll spring that plan on her at just the right time (probably when she's asking for money for her wedding!).

The rest of the ride home was LONG and we didn't get home until very late, but the girls were absolutely lovely about traveling around with us pretty non-stop these past two weeks, and we're so proud of them.

On the way home we watched a fire climbing a mountain right outside of Missoula - a beautiful but terrifying sight.  Elena remembered a book from the library we got out about fires, and was quick to tell us that the animals would have run away, and after the fire new things will grow.  The memory these girls have at this age is amazing!

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