Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Happy Birthday Pony Day!

For the girls' fourth birthday we had a total horse/pony day - they love the equine more than anything else.

Christina sewed the girls saddles and bridles for their Rody horses, we bought them an antique tin barn with fences, animals, and hay, but the BIG thing we did was get them a half day at the pony farm.

They got to learn how to take care of the ponies by brushing and combing them:

They learned how to clean their hooves with a pick:

They learned how to move safely around the ponies:

They picked out saddles and cinched them on:

And then they went off on an hour ride through the forest.

Steve and Christina hiked behind, on foot - that was a labor of love, because it was a HOT day!  We ended up at an old forest service cabin in the woods.

They had such a wonderful time, and were so proud of themselves.  There wasn't a better gift we could get for these two big girls!

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