Tuesday, August 16, 2011

San Francisco Day 2

Our last day in San Francisco Steve wanted to show the girls some fun of his own.  Every time we talked about San Francisco they would try to say the name, remarking "That's a hard one!"  Our favorite pronunciation was "Sampo Simpo."

So, first stop was the Tartine bakery, for double pain au chocolate - those croissants were amazing.

Then we went to the Fisherman's Wharf area to walk around.  We found a spot new to all of us called Musee Mechanique; it is museum of coin-operated machines that you can play with.
 We were hooked from the first one we tried!  Christina couldn't stop laughing at this one - Elena wasn't so sure, but Clara liked it, too.
 The woman above just bent over chortling.  This one below featured four tap-dancing fellows.
 Some were louder than others - we're not sure what Clara was reacting to here, but it was funny.
 Elena, of course, loved the mechanical horse.
 This arm wrestling guy was Clara's pick  but man, was he tough!  Even with both Christina and Clara working on it we couldn't best that guy.
 While most were fun for all of us, some were, um, inappropriate for the younger set.
 Then we toured the area around the wharf and Ghiardelli square.

 We bought the girls mini cameras that look very much like Christina's.  They adored them - they really just show images inside of five different San Francisco scenes, but the girls imagine they can capture all kinds of things, and were happily posing us for pictures and taking in various scenes.

 Luckily, they still allowed us to take some pictures of our own.

 We had lunch up in the financial district - Clara woke up from a car nap when we got there and was just delightful.
 We were trying to find the spot we'd heard of for lunch, and were playing all around the tall buildings while we looked.

 Finally, we found the food trucks!  We'd heard these were a new, big thing in San Francisco, and they lived up to the hype.  We had such amazing lunches - Steve had bbq, Christina had Filipino food, and the girls had a mix of several things.
 It was right across from Chinatown, and we loved sitting in the middle of the city, soaking in the sights and taking a break in this little square.
 After lunch it was time to take the car back and we went to our last hotel for the night.  We had a 3:30am wakeup call to get us to our 6am flight, so we made the night an early one.  We walked along the marina, then headed for dinner at 4:30.

Then we went back to the room, drew all the curtains tight, and tucked the girls into bed.  We gave them cookies and milk, then we all lay down in our beds and watched Yogi the Bear.  Clara and Steve fell asleep during the movie, with Elena and Christina following soon after.

The morning came early, but the girls were great on all the flights, and we got back home safe and sound.   These girls are whole new people on our travels, and they are overall such a pleasure to be with!

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