Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Urban Clam Bake

Tonight we hosted our second-ever-urban clambake.   Since we don't have anywhere here to bake the clams (being, sadly, beachless) we use a smoker box and the grill and invite people over to dip lots of things in butter.
We also use it as one of the last times of the summer that we pull out the swimming pool - it certainly was a good time for the kids tonight!
Here's Kate shucking the corn, and Steve S. giving her a thumbs-up on a job well-done.
The first batch of food on the grill - linguica sausage and fingerling potatoes.
Annie happily gives Clara a ride while the grilling continues.
Sylvie shows us the boat she made today in preschool - sadly it came apart when it was floating in the pool, but it was fun nonetheless!
Elena has, for some reason, taken to playing with the umbrella.  Luckily there was no actual rain tonight!
Steve manned the grill the whole time - his timing was perfect, and everything came out delicious.
Four girls, all lined up inside giving Christina drink orders for their dinner!
After potatoes, sausage, and corn have all cooked on the grill, the clams go on last.
This was during their chant: "Hungry kids! Hungry kids!"  Poor, deprived things.
Steve gave them a quick lesson in eating clams.  Our girls tried them, and didn't appreciate them quite as well as last year, but adventurous Elena ate several.

Then the adults sat down and dug in.  If you've got friends about and some time left this summer, we strongly encourage you to have your own urban clam bake!  Directions we use are here.

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