Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Fair

Today we went to the fair, an annual tradition. This year, though, we made a stop beforehand and bought the girls cowboy boots. They were supposed to be birthday presents, but the fair is such a good place to wear boots and we were excited. The girls each picked out their own and LOVED them.

To get to the fair we took the bus - part of the fun, according to Elena and Clara, who thing riding the bus is entertainment.
They were showing us their stuff as we waited to board - apparently, the stuff they wanted to show was not their smiles.
When we got in, the girls set off together hand in hand - they've taken to making plans together like that sometimes, where they are with us but we can't really hear them.
First thing on the list - ride some rides!  The flying planes were favored again this year...

As were the cars.
We popped in to the commercial display section for a minute to find a fair map, and had a great time with this forest organization.  Tough Steve!
Every year there is at least one of the animals up for judging that catches our eye.  This year it was more about the sign than the animal - what tough judging, and in the kid's category too!  On top of the pen was a sign written by the child who'd raised this guy, telling us about his name, personality, and the fact that unfortunately he doesn't fit with the standard of perfection for the breed.
Of course we had to visit any horses in the area - this year it was miniature horses.  We found our friends Kate, Kevin, and Annie over here too, and all three girls took a wagon ride together.

We thought Annie looked so fancy today - very much like the city girl who came to visit her country cousins!
Country cousins from a bygone era, perhaps - we loved the way they looked walking off together to explore the rest of the fair.
Annie had never ridden the rides at the fair, so Clara had her hop on a motorcycle with her, and they all loved the ride!

Don't you just love their faces here?
Crazy drivers - watch out, world!
It started pouring (another fair tradition) after the rides, so we grabbed some cotton candy and headed in to see some of the exhibits.
Clara is somehow not mesmerized by all of the produce, and sticks with her, um, slightly less healthy treat.
Another favorite sight of the day - 5 week old baby pigs!
Elena cow - kind of?
We meant to leave the cowgirl outfitting with the boots - but Christina was overcome when she saw the hat tent at the fair, and after trying some on the girls she just couldn't resist - they look fantastic as cowgirls, right?  I think we have the future Miss Rodeo Montana on our hands.

Tough rodeo girls need their hydration.
And their chocolate-dipped bananas that they order themselves.
We worked off some of the  day's treats with lots of walking, and then this funny bike that blows bubbles.
But the big workout came when the girls participated in the kid's rodeo!  They were shy at first, but the looks on their faces as they got into it are priceless.

They even got official fair ribbons for being participants in the stick horse rodeo!
Waiting for our bus to get back to our car wasn't quite as fun as the trip in was, but these toughies hung in there.
Steve thinks Clara looks like Rosie the Riveter here.  Christina thinks she looks more like she's joined an urban clan. And Clara just thought she looked like a pirate.
Both girls made it to the truck awake, but passed out as soon as they got there, and remained that way even as we carried them inside and physically tried to wake them by sitting them up on the couch.  There was no waking them...making for a disappointingly long bedtime, but plenty of time for them to steep in their fair memories from this year.

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