Sunday, July 31, 2011

Aye, me mateys

As soon as we were done making these pirate outfits, Clara turned to Elena and said "Aye, matey sister!"  They have picked up some good pirate lingo from the kid's show  "Backyardigans."

This week Elena and Clara went to their first solo camp - it was a half-day camp at the gymnastics studio where they'd go on their own from 9-12 and practice gymnastics.  It had the theme "Treasure Quest" so we believe there were also activities on this theme.  On the last day they were invited to dress as pirates and we got to come see a show!

When we got in, Clara shushed me when I tried to talk to her - she was supposed to be in line, and had to focus, apparently.
Elena was the first kid called to start the floor shoe.  She did this great kick, then got shy and decided not to do anymore (we were bummed, but were pretty sure from later evidence that she had been rocking this stuff for the last week when there wasn't an audience).
Clara went out and kept giving funny, faux shy looks at everyone.  She did every other thing on the floor show - two sets of kicks and then...
Forward roll!

Then we moved the show over the the trampoline - Clara showed us her routine of seat drop, table drop, jump!  (this is the table drop portion).
At the end of the trampoline she was supposed to slide down this mat, but got last minute shyness jitters.

So she got a helping hand!
And then she finished off with the mini-balance beam.
Then came Elena - here's her seat drop portion.

And the jump portion - she looks like she's flying!
And finally, Elena high-stepping it on the mini-balance beam.

Then, it was time for the bow - very mixed success on this front!
Somebody sat it out.

What a wonderful show!  We were so proud of them.

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