Sunday, July 24, 2011

First Movie (and a little with some hoola hoops)

Ever since we saw the preview for the new Winnie the Pooh movie this winter, we knew that would be the first movie the girls ever saw in the theatre.  The time was finally here this weekend, and we took off for our largest local theatre (which we all called the movie theatre except for Elena, who kept calling it the puppet theatre!).
We decided to go all out (and man, did our pocketbook feel it - when did movies and treats get so EXPENSIVE?  And what happened to matinee pricing?  Anyway, that makes us sound old, and we didn't take it out on the girls) - we let them have popcorn and candy and let them pick everything out themselves.

The girls handed over their own tickets (and were so surprised that "That lady ripped them!" because we forgot to prepare them for that part) and then it was off down the hallway.
We let Elena and Clara pick their own seats, and they went right for the way back ones.  The legroom is more vast than we remembered, and so there was plenty of room for the girls to walk around a little bit during the dozens of previews and commercials.  The poor girls did keep asking "Where is Winnie the Pooh?" and telling us "This isn't a kid movie!" of some of the more dramatic previews - but they made it to the movie.
They did a pretty great job!  It took them awhile to get used to whispering their questions to us, and they needed one bathroom break, but otherwise they sat and took the movie in.  They didn't get totally swallowed up in their chairs (as Christina did at her first movie, Lady and the Tramp) and no one in the movie dies (as in Steve's first movie, Bambi) and we came out of it all pretty happy.

One of the main attractions was these arcade games - we think we might next time just take them to play games!  There are really so few movies out on the big screen that seem like they'd work for their age, but it's just fun to go.
And - proof that we didn't let the girls spend all Saturday in front of a screen - hula hooping!


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