Friday, April 30, 2010

Hanging with Sylvie

We got to spend this morning with our friend, Sylvie. She is one day shy of being exactly one year younger than Elena and Clara. She fits in like a third sibling - she was sometimes nurtured, sometimes harassed - just like the girls do with one another.

We did some baking at first - the girls were very interested in seeing someone else in their baking zone, and kept quite an eye on Sylvie.
I was proud that they could wait their turns to stir, although it definitely didn't come easily. You can see them watching like a hawk for their turns.
Clara was especially concerned that Sylvie not fall over, and kept putting an arm around her, checking on her, and patting her.

Sharing some of the other toys went a bit less well - some maneuvering was involved to keep all three happy at once, but eventually they started to get a swapping system going.
Acting up at lunch - what a fun group of girls!
Finally, this should have gone in yesterday's post, but I didn't think of it. Here are the girls with their gym instructor, David (aka, Spiderman). They really love him...we hope to take another class in the fall.

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