Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day 2010

Happy Mother's Day, to all of our favorite mothers. We are lucky to have you in our lives. And Christina feels supremely, wonderfully lucky to be a mother to the two most amazing girls on the planet.

As is now our Mother's Day tradition, we went to our local family nursery, Bensons, to soak up some springtime. It is still FREEZING here, so we didn't necessarily plan to get anything for the garden. The girls enjoyed looking at the 'baby' plants.
And playing chase through the aisles - "You can't catch me!!" is a common refrain these days.

Steve showed the girls a plant they thought was hilarious - the wooly thyme. (side note - notice anything funny about the background mountain in this photo? If not, see the end of the post)
They said it tickled their noses...over and over.

Just as we were about to leave, we saw a plant (on the left) and saw the variety was named "Sunny Elena." We had to have it! As we were remarking that it was too bad there wasn't a "Clara" plant, an employee overheard us and said "There is one, over here!" And sure enough, a variety of a different plant was called "Thumbelina Clara." We bought both, and Christina thought it was a perfect Mother's Day gift - now she can have a planter of flowers named for her daughters.
We tried to get the girls to pose with their plants - they were more interested in carrying them around instead.
They always love to pose with this bear, though, and asked to do so of their own volition this time.
Then, it was off to a park. This is a park we started going to last year, and were so surprised this year at how they can do everything there on their own now!

Just the cutest girls ever...we had a great time, but when it started to rain we decided to go home. Clara asked for a plate of spaghetti, and we just happened to have some pasta dough we had made up yesterday (when we were making homemade portabello mushroom ravioli) so we went home and made up some fresh spaghetti.

The girls ate bowl after bowl - they have a real taste for certain foods lately, and fresh pasta is now added on the list.

If you didn't see it above, here's a closer shot of the mountain that was in the background in the swinging pictures. It always has an "M" on it, for Montana, but today someone seems to have extended it. A sweet town we have here, that's for sure.

To all those who wish they were moms but haven't found that path yet, or to all those who are missing their moms today, our thoughts are with you. We do not take our luckiness for granted, and feel so grateful to be just exactly where we are right now.

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