Saturday, May 15, 2010

Then and Now

Today was graduation weekend here, and somehow it seems like that time of year always makes us want to look back and look forward.

So, here were the girls last year on graduation weekend (first Clara, then Lena):

And here they are this year (same order, although reversal of the profile/full on shots, unfortunately!).

They look so much wiser, and their faces so much thinner (not to mention their hair looks so much longer!!).

For another flash back, here were their feet at two weeks:

And here are their feet at two years (first Lena's, then Clara's - and yes, she chose to have her nails painted two different colors).

Life just keeps on changing. Here was our doorway planter a month ago:
And here it is today - filled with flowers the girls helped Christina pick out and plant in the ground.
Finally, here are the girls today (ready to head out to a graduation party)...

But how long will it really be until we are here, watching them graduate?


Just Another Day In Paradise said...

A VERY long time! ;)
They are so cute... love the dresses!
Im at commencement now, bored, on the internet LOL
Happy commencement 2010!

Jen said...

Such cute girls! Thanks for entering my giveaway and good luck!