Sunday, May 23, 2010

My mama made it

It pleases Christina to no end that the girls think she can make and/or fix anything. Of course, the only skill they think can make/fix things is sewing. They help hand sew and machine sew, and have utter faith that we can do anything through sewing. It is gratifying to pass this on to the girls, as Christina remembers thinking exactly this about her own mom.
Plus, making things for the girls is gratifying, too. They look so cute in everything, and they are so appreciative of anything made for them. Christina took inspiration from her friend, who just finished a design competition, and designed these skirts for the girls. It was so fun, and contrary to Clara's expression here, they both liked them. Clara called it her ballerina skirt and she twirled and twirled in hers. Elena favored jumping.

Steve and Christina have been dreaming about a gauzy reading nook for the girls since before they were born. It took us awhile to get it in place, but it turned out just like we wished it would. We bought the hanging gauze from Ikea, then decorated it with ribbons and flowers. Christina sewed pillows to lounge on, and the girls decided to put their Raggedy Ann dolls in "the hiding spot." The girls love to just sit in there and read book after book - it's exactly like we imagined!

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