Saturday, April 3, 2010

Easter Egg Hunt Fail

We hadn't planned on taking the girls to any mass Easter egg hunts this year - we had actually planned AGAINST it. It would have been a good idea to stick to that plan. Today Christina tried to take the girls to our neighborhood park, and found an egg hunt staged there.

The girls are a bit too quick, and started shouting that there was candy. Several attempts to leave, or play only on the swings, ended in predictable failure. It was freezing, and we waited in the warm truck the 20 minutes or so until the hunt was supposed to start.

We waited at the appointed time, and the girls played near the "Tiny Tots" area of the hunt.

We made some new friends - among them another set of twin girls just a bit older than Clara and Elena. But the wind started up, snow dropped on our heads, and my pleas that we just leave were met with this:

And this:

A fine mix of petulance and stubborn resolve. So we stayed on, they eventually yelled "Go!" and, (again, predictably) the Tiny Tot area was overrun with older kids, the girls were shoved and pushed, and they each managed to grab one egg. They were filled with bubble gum and jaw breakers!!!

Christina handed off the eggs to the bigger kids and whisked the girls to the grocery store, where they each picked a chocolate bunny and some marshmallows, and sat eating happily in the warm cafe of the store. Then our "friends" (employees of the store who have known us since the girls were tiny) brought them mac and cheese, and cups of water with big straws, and lots of love. It was a nice time after all - but reinforces the idea that we are firmly anti mass egg hunts! Here's looking forward to our own this weekend.

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Laura said...

The trick to a good "mass egg hunt" (I don't think I've ever heard them described that way!) seems to me to be doing them with people you know. We had the lovely time we did at our neighborhood egg hunt because the kids were familiar with each other, used to being kind to littler children, and the parents all know (and are accountable to) each other. I know where you live is organized in a different way than where I do, but could you organize something like that for the kids you know, or for your street or your neighborhood next year?