Friday, April 16, 2010

Sun, friends, spring

We've had snow regularly for the past few weeks, so it came as a surprise that today turned out to be NICE! Our friends Kate, Kevin, and Annie had us over for dinner, and we had such a great time with them.

Leni and Elmo have a little heart to heart, though Leni looks a bit caught in the act here.

We had a vision of catching three sweeties having fun together here - but we never did get the shot that let us see all of their sweet faces smiling at once!

A best friend moment between Clara and Annie.

And a best friend moment between Elena and Annie:
Clara got in on the house action, too. They just love this playhouse!

You couldn't pull Clara away from these oranges tonight. Or much other food, for that matter. At one point I tried to get back a bowl of mixed nuts she had pulled from the table, and she said "But Mama, I so hungry!" Believe us, we DO feed them!

We are SO ready for spring to be here - here's hoping this weather sticks!

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