Thursday, April 29, 2010

Little bites

Today was the girls' last gym class of the season, and even though we had just had burritos last night for dinner, they wanted what has become our traditional "after gym burrito and juice." As they enjoyed little bites of their burritos, I thought of a few little quips they've come out with lately that we wanted to share (and not forget ourselves).

Elena has gotten in the habit of creating a long list for us of her requests - she issues them so sweetly it is almost impossible to refuse. A typical litany goes like this: "Mama, I wake up I watch Caillou, and have peana budda and jelly, and milk and nappy (napkin) - okay?"

Leni also has taken over introductions for herself and Clara. She will readily tell you her name (first and last, all slurred together) but now often when Clara is too shy to respond, she'll say to the person inquiring: "...and that CaCa" (which is still what she calls her more often than not, even though Clara now calls herself Cwawa).

Yesterday Christina came home from a tough day with students (it's the end of the semester, everyone comes in with their problems) and she was telling the girls she was tired. She said: "So many people came to Mommy today to say that they made a bad choice, and needed help." Clara nodded sagely, then asked "In you class?" How smart of her to know we teach classes!! And, indeed, it WAS in those classes (darn those group work assignments that seem like such a good idea to assign, and are such horrors to grade).

Today in the car, Clara was singing to the bottle of Odwalla Superfood juice. As far as we can tell, it's a song she composed herself. "You be okay, you be okay, so good a day, so good a day." It reassured Christina, too.

Clara has also coined a now-frequently used phrase in our household; we first heard her say it about a week ago when she said "Daddy, I love you all the time." She has now said it to Mommy and Elena, and we all find it a handy phrase of affection. Even if we are annoyed sometimes, or worn out, we do indeed love each other all the time.
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