Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter 2010

The Easter Bunny had lots of fun putting together these baskets, which were heavy on "go play outside" items and light on the candy.
The girls were so happy to hear that the Easter Bunny had come that they ran right upstairs to see their baskets. Elena pronounced: "My eggs disappeared!" because the Easter Bunny took away the eggs we had colored when he left the goods in their baskets. We loved the vocabulary use there!

The girls only got three pieces of candy in their baskets. Elena ate one and saved two for later, while Clara ate one and then ran over to Steve (and then Christina) to open candies for them and let them eat the other two. So sweet!
One of the favorite items in the basket was nail polish - the girls have been asking for it for a while now. Their babysitter always has pretty nails, and Christina likes a pedicure from time to time herself. The Easter Bunny brought Piggy Paints, non-toxic nail polish just for little ones.
So a main order of business for Easter was toenail painting.

Then, we headed off to our friends for an egg hunt and some dinner. Here are four of the five kids, waiting to get the go-ahead to start their hunt.
And they're off!

Ships passing in the night...
Elena shows off her eggs - all marked with an "E" (the eggs were catered to the ages of the kids!)
And Clara shows off her bounty:

Inside, the kids had their own table, which they really seemed to enjoy.

Steve got a bit hungry as we waited for the Coke-glazed ham to be ready:

Clara and Annie had a fine time catching up, as did the rest of us. The adults actually all got to sit at a table and converse - it was amazing!

Happy Easter!
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