Sunday, April 11, 2010

Little Big Girls

So, we know they are not BIG big girls yet, but they seem awfully big for little girls. Today, the girls asked for pedicures. Tonight, they picked the silk pajamas Nana Rose and G-Daddy got for them (in 4T!) and they fit almost perfectly. They regularly put together sentences (this weekend we were about to leave a friend's house, and Elena looked up at us and said "I don't want to leave, and I'm really sad about that." Nice sentence structure, clear feeling statement, AND she still left without heaps of tears...coping skills on top of great verbal ability!!).
They're still our funny little girls, ready to crack up at just about anything.

They tell each other little jokes, do things to make us all laugh, and have the best giggles we've ever heard. Yet, Clara's adorable indentification of her "fimers" has turned into "fingers," and Elena's request for "kepuch" have turned into "ketchup." They tell us they are big girls. They wave their hands over their heads to say "Look, I grow up!" But somehow, we just can't believe it. Going on 3, in some ways it feels more like they're going on 8. Tiny little big girls.
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