Sunday, April 18, 2010

Marching Band

Ever since a Caillou episode, the girls have been convinced that they want to be in a marching band. They talk about it a lot. Tonight we were eating dinner outside, and Elena suddenly got up, told us she'd be right back, and went in the house. Then she came out like this:

That's a mixing bowl on her head, and two pastry brushes in her hands! And although she explained it to us, she needn't have - clearly, she was being in a marching band. A moment later, having decided her getup was incomplete, she went in to retrieve a pan lid to act as her cymbal.

Predictably, Clara also asked us to stay put, told us she'd be right back, told us to enjoy our dinner, and then came out with a mixing bowl and two rubber spatulas.

They definitely have a future ahead of them in marching band, should the desire persist!
How will they get to their marching band gigs? Don't worry - they have perfected fuel-free and license-free transport:

And, it's clear they will always have two big fans - one who ends up in front of the camera (maybe more than he'd like, sometimes!) and one behind the camera, eager to document it all for them!

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