Friday, April 9, 2010

Doctor, doctor

Elena and Clara got their first doctor's kit a few weeks ago. They both really enjoy being the "Dock-er" and it's sometimes hard to get one of them to be the patient. Steve and Christina end up sick a lot for their benefit.

We find it interesting what comes in a "doctor" kit these days - both a pager AND a cell phone. And glasses - because, um, doctors all require prescription glasses?
Although the girls like playing doctor, they also really like CALLING the doctor. In fact, games of doctor usually start out with them calling the doctor saying something like: "Lena sick. Need go a doctor. Oh, doctor closed!!" Since the doctor's office is apparently closed, they then take on the role of doctor themselves.
Pretending to need a band-aid is always a favorite.

Clara makes an especially petulant patient.
She waits in such distress for her ministrations.

Doctor Elena, ready to check if her sister's chest sounds right.

Clara abandons the doctor game for now in favor of shopping for pots and pans - she warned us to cover our ears like this so that the noise of her throwing all the pots and pans out wouldn't scare us.
Elena, meanwhile, decides to self-diagnose by taking her own temperature.

They often shout out the temperature - "Oh, no - two!!" and Steve and Christina will feign such distress at the temperatures they come up with.

It's hard to keep a close attention to medical needs when there is a loud shopper about! Game over.

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