Monday, October 5, 2009

No truth in advertising today

Christina and the girls were out doing errands today, and made a stop at Joann's. Christina had recently cleaned out a bunch of her stamping materials so the girls could use some, but just wanted to get some washable ink for them to use instead of the permanent kind.

So we bought this - looks perfect, yes?
And oh, the fun we had! We stamped all over the paper:

And then we started stamping our fingers and hands all over the paper too, because hey, it's washable, right?

Green-thumb (and fingers and palms) Lena:

And how cute are these sweet handprints?
What fun:

Then, time to wash up - often a favorite part for Elena and Clara, because they love "getting soapy." Except, as you've all guessed by now, no amount of soap nor water got that ink off. Those little hands still look pretty much like they did in the pictures above, even after scrubbing and soaping and rinsing as long as the girls could stand it (which is quite a long time!).

So, these inks are going straight back to the store. And the girls will be, um, "colorful" for a few days, I suspect.


Just Another Day In Paradise said...

LOL too cute!!! And you will cherish those handprints forever!
PS Even back in the early 90's when colored hair was all the rage, Crayola washable markers were NOT washable out of this girl's white blonde hair. All the brunettes could change their color daily, mine changed from varying shades of magenta until my mom made me bleach it out. False advertising, I tell ya! ;)
Your girls are so cute, and are getting so big!

Got Boys? said...

Hee hee, I had a similar experience with "washable" stamping ink!