Friday, October 16, 2009

Sick day?

There has been some version of THIS going on for the last few days here:
By and large, Clara has been quite sick (we think it's a virus) and has wanted to lay low. Steve got the bug, too, and laid low himself today. Elena was pretending (we think) to be sick because Clara kept telling us she felt sick. So Christina was up and around and fetching juice and LOTS of toast. Do everyone else's kids eat bread like mad when they don't feel well??

Anyway - all in all, we didn't do much yesterday or today. But tonight it was beautiful out, and Clara was dosed up on Motrin and eager to do something, and we decided to go play in the yard for a bit. What a dose of medicine that was to our weary group - we had so much fun!

First, the girls stopped to smell the rosemary (the only thing still alive in our garden thanks to our early snow):
Then it was a rousing game of jump-from-the-chairs:
But when Clara started in on the leaves, Elena forgot everything else:

The two of them made up some kind of crazy dance you would not believe - we really should have gotten it on video. It was hilarious!

Steve put a "coat" on our young pear tree to protect it this winter, and the girls can't get enough of talking about how the tree wears a coat. They took this to mean the tree needed a little extra affection, so they gave it:
Then, for the big event of the night, they made up a new game in the house that Nana Rose and G-Daddy got them this spring. It's hard to tell here what's going on:

Okay, it probably won't be clear from ANY of these pictures what was going on:
But the game was modeled after "The Three Little Pigs" with a lot of huffing, puffing, and blowing the house down - except that generally that involved PULLING the house down and around they yard at the end to simulate the level of blowing they thought should be occurring:
Checking to see if a "wolf" is coming to get her:

Keep our good health in your thoughts, as we'll do for you! So far, no flu here, although the rest of the town seems to have been entirely taken over with it. We hope this is the worst of it for us!

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