Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween! (and a little bit of other fun)

We're going to start this Halloween post with a few more shots from pumpkin carving, from Grandma's camera. She captured some of the sweater and hat (but sans shirt) action that we missed yesterday:

Then we're going to deviate for just a moment for some of Grandma's shots from our time at the Children's Museum:

Grandma captions this one: "Mom forgot her wallet." The girls are sweeping up in case I didn't have the money for admission. :)
Last night we went to a volleyball game on campus - we played on the playground there before going in:

The girls LOVED the volleyball players and cheerleaders, and were so excited to do trick or treating right there at the gym.

Sadly, the mascot (Monte) scared them to death and we had to leave about five minutes after he came over to say hi and they both dissolved into tears. Clara wept: "I go home, I go to my home" and there was no way we could deny her. We'll try again on that.

Then, on Halloween day, Grandma gave the girls a present - a ball she had strung onto a length of string. We tacked it to the doorframe, and they could throw the ball all they wanted without it going all over the house (and hitting anything dangerous). They LOVED this!

Blurry, blurry fun!
Then, it was time for trick or treating! Here are the girls, dressed up at our house before heading out to a party:

Steve and Elena:

Christina and Clara:

Clara, inspecting her pop. For several houses, all she could do was tell us that she had "Two pops, two pops!" no matter what else anyone gave her. She saw a dog that was HUGE and so much taller than she was, and she stood right up to him and said "No dog take my candy!" No way, nobody was going to mess with this kitty:

Elena really took off after this, and charged from house to house. She was very good at saying "Trick or treat!" and then "Thank you" before she moved on to the next house on the street.

Cutie three girls - this is their friend Annie, who dressed as Abby Cadabby from Sesame Street. In the back, we have a Milo Spiderman and a Charlie Cat in the Hat:

We trick or treated with friends, then came and did it in our own neighborhood, then came back to our house to eat candy and give out rubber sticky hands to everyone who came to our house. A MUCH more active Halloween than we've had in the past, and we loved it all!

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