Saturday, October 17, 2009

Gathering our Pumpkins

Today we went to Benson's Farm, our favorite local farm, to get the girls their carving pumpkins for this Halloween.

They are much more familiar with the idea this year than in the two years past, and so were excited to get pumpkins before we even got to the farm. Once there, they went straight to selection. But Elena was waylaid early on:
Not a big fan of this scarecrow:

Neither was Clara, really - she wouldn't even go on the same side of the wagon!

Elena looks like she's turning her nose up at these poor pumpkins, but really it's because Christina was trying to get her to look at the silly scarecrow again:
Enough distractions, parents! Back to the serious business of picking a pumpkin:

They examined carefully, and each picked their favorite one. Then, there were other fun sights to see. Clara found some little gourds she loved:
And she commenced a hilarious dance with them - very much like yesterday's leaf dance!

Dancing done, she tried to sneak a few more pumpkins on to our wagon. We convinced her we didn't need more of these, but we bought several squash and pie pumpkins to eat in the coming months and the bounty made her happy.

Back home, we played some in our meager leaf piles. Truly - what fun are green and brown leaves without the vibrant oranges and reds that were stolen from us this early-snow year?

Apparently to one little girl, they are fun enough as is. Elena had such a great time in the leaf pile. Note we said "one girl" - Clara is adamantly NOT a fan of the leaves if she is horizontal!

Tomorrow we hope to go to the hay-bale maze. More pictures should follow!

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