Thursday, October 29, 2009

The holidays keep on coming...

Today we celebrated Grandma's birthday (a bit early) and also got ready for Halloween by finally carving our pumpkins. It was a full day!

Grandma picked dark chocolate cupcakes, which we baked up this morning:
Clara got up close and personal with the chocolate:
Then we made mint frosting, and called them Andes Candies cupcakes. The girls helped Grandma blow out her candle.
Then, they wanted to do "cheers" with her:

Clara really wanted to help Grandma with the frosting - so cute!
At dinnertime, the girls were first "too hot!" and had to take their shirts off, then were "too cold!" and needed sweaters (nothing underneath) and hats - it was such a funny look!
Then we carved pumpkins. Clara directed the pumpkin on the right - she got hooked on triangles and kept pointing to areas all around the pumpkin that needed triangles. Christina took charge on the one on the left so that the girls could see a pumpkin face.
All in all, a good day given that Elena is getting two teeth and has a rash, and Clara seems to be having stomach troubles. They didn't feel well, but we still managed to get in a lot of fun.

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