Wednesday, October 7, 2009

First snow = chocolate chip pancake day

Since the year the girls were born, we started a tradition where the first snowfall of the season that we saw at our house would be chocolate-chip pancake day. For the past two years, we've seen the snow in the morning, and pancakes fit well there. Today, it wasn't until we went out and about driving that we saw snow flurries all around us. The girls were excited about the snow, so we came home and had chocolate chip pancakes for lunch:
Now tell me that Clara doesn't look like a girl who needs some pancakes -she's about to take a chomp out of her sister she's so hungry!
Not that Elena seems to mind:
Stirring, stirring:

Blowing on the pancakes to cool them off:
Look who went from a sister-chomping monster to a totally refined pancake-eating girl?
Are you making any more of these, Mom? (of course, yes).


Happy first day of snow! May real snow and actual accumulation be far, far in the future.

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