Friday, October 9, 2009

And once again, snowily...

We had a little confusion in our household over whether we have the chocolate-chip pancakes the first day we SEE snow at our house, or the first day we WAKE UP to snow at our house. Nature very kindly gave us a do-over just today, when we woke up to snow blanketing the outdoors!

Clara and Elena could not wait to go out and stomp in the snow, so we bundled them up even before breakfast and headed out into the white stuff:
We thought the girls would have fun playing in the yard, but it quickly became apparent that their real interest was in being "rescuers" of all the things that had gotten snow on them. Here they are pointing to the poor snow-covered car:

And they quickly went over to remedy what they saw as a major problem for the car:

They implored Christina to help, too. Sadly, we didn't have the scraper around so we all went at it with our mittens:
Then, Clara found the flower pot, with the last of our pansies:

And, oh no, then they saw their watering cans had been snowed on!
And, the poor ornamental frog got hit, too:
The girls dusted him off, too.
Soon, it got too cold to be outside much longer, so we went inside for left-over chocolate chip pancakes and fresh scrambled eggs. The snow really made Elena hungry - she proceeded to eat eggs, pancake, and four pieces of toast!!

Here are the "rescued" pansies that Clara wanted to save. The loss of summer is so sad, even though we know we'll try to make the most of winter (guess we skipped fall this year!).

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Just Another Day In Paradise said...

yuck yuck yuck! please keep that on your side of the country...
But the girls are OH SO CUTE! I love their matching coats!