Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Off to the race...

Steve biked in his first cyclocross race tonight, and we all went out to be a cheering section. It was in a beautiful setting, but we were having record lows so it felt more like winter than a calm fall day!

We bundled up in the "big coats" that luckily it turns out the girls love. Christina packed snacks, and we headed up to the top of a hill to get a good view.

The race took about an hour - during the times when we couldn't see Steve, we went to play around the area. There are railroad tracks there that are non-functioning. Clara expressed some early doubts about them:

But Elena loved them right away:

Our big-little girl, heading off down the tracks into the sunset. (Don't worry, that train is stationary!).

Clara following along after her rambunctious sister. Clara took her time and navigated these tracks so well!
Clara came to love the tracks, and got such a kick out of yelling out "NO!" when I asked her if she needed any help:

Such a lovely little one:

Spontaneously, the girls took off hand in hand as they got closer to the train:

And when that stopped being fun, Clara hung behind while Elena ran ahead, then shouted out "I geshu!!" (I get you) and took off after her - repeatedly.
Exploring a sculpture near the finish line:

Hanging on a fence right at the finish waiting to see Daddy:
There he is!!!

The girls were so easy to be around and so tolerant of the cold temperatures and relatively long race - we can't believe what amazing girls they are and how many things we can do together these days.

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