Saturday, September 5, 2009

On the homefront

In the spring we had a great time planning our garden, planting seeds, buying seedlings, and waiting for things to grow. Since then, we've spent a lot of time watering, weeding, and visiting the garden. Although the girls don't ingest much, they love picking. We've picked the odd tomato here, nibbled on the odd carrot there (the girls like to pretend they are rabbits!) and we've gone through a good amount of lettuce, beets, and loads of berries. But now we're starting to get the real harvest in. Today the girls helped us pick the food that was ready today - check out our bounty!


A veggie lasagna is calling our names. But for today, our littlest bakers had something else on their minds. Christina recently bought a Cook's Illustrated magazine (to get the recipe for their cupcakes) and it has an illustrated back with pictures of all the other recipes in the magazine. The girls have been regularly pointing at pizza (pizzie in their lingo) and whoopie pies! None of us has ever had a whoopie pie, and we decided to forgo the full effect, but we made the dark, sweet chocolatey cookies for the outsides, and topped them with leftover vanilla bean buttercream frosting - yummy! Mom loves having such eager helpers.

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Just Another Day In Paradise said...

eggplant already!? Youve put my garden to shame. We're just about all out of tomatoes, Id say 2 more weeks. With 40 plants though, I can honestly say I'M done with tomatoes, they've been nonstop since July. The lessons you can teach the youngins about plants etc are endless with a garden- and they are soooo cute!