Saturday, September 12, 2009

Squeezing out the last bits of summer

Even though back-to-school time has hit for Christina and Steve, we're trying to squeeze out the last bits of warmth and easy outdoor-time for the girls. This weekend we went to the 8th annual Buddy Walk in support of children with Downs Syndrome, and the girls walked/ran/were carried a mile around with loads of other people and kids, and made some new friends. We were all impressed by the mom and daughter who rode in on this double bike!
But the girls were also intent on the free apple slices:
Clara made friends with two girls who were doing somersaults, so she joined in on that fun:
And we've been spending a lot of time out in our driveway, exploring the leaves that have fallen, picking up rocks, and pretending to be cats (they love this game, not really sure why).

Here they are right before they tried eating leaves for the first time - not sure what inspired that move, but they realized quickly that they didn't like them!
Finally, the girls have been having lots of end-of-summer fun with their new friend, B. She comes to hang out with the girls if neither Christina or Steve can be home. When Christina came home from teaching class this week, she found them on the couch being bugs together - can you spot their pipe cleaner antennae?

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Cassie@You Go Girl said...

Everyone needs a B. when mom and dad can't be around. We had a Melissa. We LOVE her to this day and my triplets haven't needed a baby sitter for a few years now.

Enjoy these warm days. I know we're soaking them for all they're worth.

Happy Day,