Sunday, January 23, 2011

Ski Day!

We decided that today was the day for the girls' first ski trip!  We've been planning to take them this year, and last minute decided that today would make the perfect day.  So we traveled an hour and a half to Discovery, enrolled the girls in half-day ski class, and got them suited up.  Here, they are finding ski boots for their tiny feet:
Ski boots, check.  Identifying school uniform, check.
Helmets!  The part they were most excited about, check and check.

Luckily, the girls were really good at figuring out how to snap the boots into their skis, and we were soon ready to go - they look like they are perhaps not thrilled here, but the truth is that they were not thrilled that Mom STOPPED them from their ski school to take this picture.  The other kids were all going ahead of them!

Heading up the magic carpet for the first time - instead of a lift or tow rope, this mountain uses this revolving bit of rubber to haul the kids up the bunny slope - we thought it was awesome!

Elena gives a sweet glance back as she gets ready to go for her first run.
She practiced her "french fry" skis (parallel) for starting down the slope.
Clara demonstrates the bent knees that help her keep her center of gravity low - she's going down the hill in this picture, though it's hard to tell!
So proud after getting down the hill without Mom or Dad!
Clara being encouraged by one of the teachers to do her "pizza" move (snowplow) so that she can slow herself down - it took her a while to get this, so you can see the teacher is excited she was doing it - and Clara is pretty excited herself!

Elena was showing me her how she had found her "ski legs" and was able to walk herself back over to the magic carpet on her own.
And here she is on her next (solo!) trip down the hill - concentrating so hard!
Clara, on one of her last runs down - getting so good at this!
As we were packing it in, Elena showed us how she can carry her own skis!  They were pretty heartbroken (especially Elena) that they had to leave the rental skis there.  We forsee a trip pretty soon in our future to get these girls some skis of their own, and many more fun trips to the slopes for all four of us.

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