Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Fun in the sun

We're winding down our time in the sunshine and the warmth, and there are so many things we're going to miss!  Foremost is being close to family - the girls are so enjoying their time with their family out here.   G-Daddy might miss his weights..
..and they will miss their bodybuilding coach!
We're all going to miss the time we have here to goof off and be silly.

All the young cousins here are a BIG thrill to Elena and Clara.  Here the are cuddled up with their cousin Amanda, who they didn't leave alone the entire time she was over here.  They've been similarly caught up with cousins Rachel and Megan.
We are absolutely delighting in all the outside time, and the warm-weather fun.  We went to this fun ice cream shoppe where there were cone shaped chairs and tables.
Elena sweetly offered her Dad some ice cream.
Clara, however, is shocked (and clearly not-so-secretly delighted) that Dad swiped hers.


This ice cream shoppe also had games, along with a very sweet proprietor who gave them tokens to play them. 

He then also let them take all the tickets from those games and redeem them for way more prizes than they had earned!

We're going to miss walking outside to shop in the sweet downtowns here (Scottsdale today) and seeing the interesting mix of art for sale.  Clara was totally smitten with these wood carved people, and she and Elena wanted to pose with them.
We couldn't quite tear Clara away from them!
This is one of many, many figurines of the storyteller - ever since the girls first started clinging to Christina, Steve has called her the storyteller mom - always girls climbing up and around her.  We don't see these figurines everywhere in MT, and we miss them!
Not photographed here, so unfortunately, is the tremendous fun we had at an indoor trampoline park!  We'd never even heard of one of these, but it is huge building full of trampolines that bend up the walls.  You can bounce up, down, and sideways - and you bounce HIGH!  We had a great time together getting sweaty and exhausted and having such a fun time. 

So it will be a very bittersweet goodbye here - we are leaving behind so much we will miss!  But Clara and Elena ask every day when they get to see their beds (and Big Bunny) again, so we know they'll be happy to get home, too.

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Christina said...

Hello, my fellow Christina! This is a lovely place you have here. It surely does look like you've had a wonderful vacation, and it's all so beautifully captured. Your girls are adorable, and the trampoline park sounds like great fun!