Tuesday, January 4, 2011

California Christmas (part 3)

Even though California had record rains right before we got there, we were lucky enough to have mostly nice days, with only a tiny bit of rain during our stay. So we tried to make the most of that by getting outside a lot!

One day we visited a pirate park - perhaps we should have left more of the playing to the girls, as we were definitely more reckless and less stable than they were!  This was shot just before Christina's mom launched her up in the air, from which she could not get down without assistance.

Russell and Cyndie seemed happier about their lot, but it's still clear there is a certain advantage to knowing how to use this playground contraption!

The house we were in had three levels of decks - this is the view from the third floor rooftop deck, taken by Steve.

G-Daddy took us all to fly kites one afternoon, too.  It was a little cloudy, so we were a tiny bit nervous - but the girls loved watching G-Daddy launch kites in the air for them, and it didn't rain on us until the very end.

Auntie Cyndie distracts Clara while it's Elena's turn to fly kites.

A little help from Dad.
Another day, we made good use of the art sets that G-Daddy and Nana brought for Christmas.  We didn't have smocks, and we weren't sure that the paints were washable, so Steve fashioned the girls smocks out of paper bags.  They looked like little robots, so we called them robot painters!

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It was just such a relief to get so much sunshine after the winter we've had so far in Montana!

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